Published Books

Dr. Wang has published more than 230 refereed books, book chapters, and journal articles. These publications address andragogy and pedagogy, which can be considered as the umbrella under which such areas as andragogical curriculum and program development, management, human performance technology, social justice, global education, diversity and E-learning are addressed.

Please note Dr. Wang is the author or editor of these books. To purchase these books, please deal directly with publishers or former students who have used these books as textbooks before or university bookstores.

Many of the works available at Dr. Wang’s Amazon Bookstore include:

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Dr. Wang has published three different editions of one single authored book; including in 2003, 2005 and 2006 editions. These books were used as required textbooks in CA and in a few other states and they are out of print. Wang has published three coauthored books. The rest of these published volumes are “edited” books.

One outstanding feature of all these books is that most of these published books are “refereed”, which means they have gone through “a blind review process” by different reviewers who are first rate scholars in the field. No doubt this blind review process has helped ensure the “quality” of these books. In addition, readers do not just listen to one voice; instead readers listen for ideas from multiple scholars by reading these books.

The best place to view and enjoy Dr. Wang’s Books101!

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More books for your library!

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