Many departments/programs across the country have been hungry for “excellent” reviews for their programs especially from National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE, now CAEP). Luckily, Dr. Wang’s former chair in California appointed him as credential director for one of the largest credential programs on the West Coast of the United States his former chair created and developed. Without disappointing his chair and the university, Dr. Wang received highly positive reviews from  NCATE (CAEP) and CCTC (California Commission on Teacher Credentialing) in addition to preparing voluminous documentation for NCATE (CAEP) and CCTC. Attached are reviews for your reference: Dr. Viktor Wang Exit_Report_CSULB_with_Certificate

Given his extensive and successful experience, Dr. Wang is in a position to direct the accreditation process for certain departments and programs. His writing and research skills should add to the accreditation process. Regarding the above NCATE/CCTC experience, Dr. Wang published a book chapter in one of his Handbooks of Research to pass on his knowledge, skills and experience  to colleagues without successful accreditation experience.


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