Sample Spring 2016 Teaching Evaluations by FAU graduate students

Distinguished Faculty & Scholarly Achievement Award

2016 Presidential Award by AAACE

Scholar of the Year, College of Education 2014-2015 FAU

Northern Campuses Award 2014-2015

Written comments Fall 2014–Florida

2013 Fall Student Evaluations–Florida

I hate to label myself as “an adult educator”, “an instructor in educational leadership”, “HRD guy (Human resource development)”, “a K-20 education person” or “an avid education researcher” because I firmly believe in  what Carl Rogers said, “you can not teach another individual directly.” I enjoy this “helping profession” as popularized by Malcolm Knowles. I enjoy being called a co-learner in the learning process in this learning society. I have been fortunate that different universities have asked me to teach the following courses and through teaching these courses, I have become a better helper in this helping profession.

In addition to teaching College English in China for 8 years and College Chinese in Kansas, USA for 2 years, Dr. Wang has been teaching the following courses for different universities both at home and abroad (face to face/blended learning; fully online):

  1. Leadership I, II and III
  2. Program Development and Evaluation
  3. Curriculum Development in Career Technical Education and Adult Education
  4. Assessment and Evaluation of Adult Learning in Career and Technical Education
  5. History and Philosophy of Career and Technical Education (Higher Education included)
  6. Principles of Adult Education
  7. Human Performance Improvement
  8. Management Competencies
  9. Administrative Leadership (Leadership Theory and Practice)
  10. Research Methods
  11. Administrative Human Resource Management
  12. Training the Trainer
  13. Educational Research in Workforce Education and Adult Education
  14. Introduction to Education Media
  15. Advanced Program Development and Instruction
  16. Research Topic, Problem, Purpose and Question
  17. Research Methods and Designs
  18. Mixed Methods
  19. Quantitative Methods
  20. Concept Paper/Dissertation Proposal
  21. Adult Learning & Assessment
  22. Organization and Administration of Adult/Community Education
  23. Workplace Learning and Development
  24. Scholarly Writing Professional Publications
  25. Theories & Assessment (Leadership Theory & Practice)
  26. Directed Independent Study
  27. Field Project
  28. Adult and Community Education in a Changing Society
  29. Dissertation Committee Member/Chair
  30. External Examiner for Dissertation Candidates

This is not a complete list of college courses I have taught thus far. Regarding my teaching effectiveness, I was considered one of the popular instructors in China, Kansas and Arkansas. That was why I was invited to teach on TV and state radio in 1990 and 1991 in China. Unfortunately, I don’t keep those teaching evaluations by my former students in China  or in those two states in the United States. However, I do keep teaching evaluations by students in CA and in FL. I love my students no matter where they are from. They are my inspirations. My students’ concerns/issues in taking courses with me become my research topics in my classes. Whenever I can,  I involve my students in researching, writing and publishing. Someday in the future, I will be able to create a research foundation via which I will be able to support some master level and doctoral students financially so that the best minds will be attracted to the current graduate program.

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