Program/Curriculum Development and Assessment Methodologies

If you are looking for a textbook and a reference book on  curriculum and program development in K-12 Education, Higher Education and Adult Education, please see two books below:

The first book has not been released.  The second book was released in March, 2014. Please make sure you go over the Table of Contents. You will be amazed by the high profile of these contributing authors. Perhaps, you have been reading and citing their book chapters for your research and teaching/learning.


Adult minds are much more solid than those of children, hence require different approaches for teaching. “Curriculum Development for Adult Learners in the Global Community: Volume I Strategic Approaches” is a collection of scholarly essays on adult education and how it can be improved worldwide. Covering the core principles of the concept and how different professions require different methods, and enhanced with indexes and appendixes with additional information, “Curriculum Development for Adult Learners in the Global Community” is highly recommended for anyone in charge of adult education… by Midwest Book Review.  There are two sides to every interaction, and a way to do everything poorly and well. “Curriculum Development for Adult Learners in the Global Community Volume II: Teaching and Learning” is the second volume in Krieger’s series on adult education around the world, discussing the importance of cultural needs in education. Building a method out of well-researched concept, Wang presents many ideas that are to help educators deal with the challenges adult learners face. A must if one has the previous volume, “Curriculum Development for Adult Learners in the Global Community Volume II” is a strong choice for adult educators and collections on the subject… by Midwest Book Review.  Should you need Dr. Wang’s service regarding curriculum development or program building, please kindly contact him. Book reviews available here. Book reviews available here. Book reviews by Professor Kubow

Volume IVolume II

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