Dissertation Center


I have extensive experience in chairing and mentoring doctoral dissertations, including dissertations from University of Auckland, New Zealand. I have also served as a dissertation examiner for universities such as Fielding Graduate University, CA. As a journal editor, I work with several hundred scholars from around the globe. In addition, I have developed professional and personal relationships with some of the Inductees of International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame, including the Director of the Hall of Fame, Dr. John A. Henschke.
As a seasoned faculty/researcher, I have expertise on the “content, research methods and the editing process via technology” you need to complete your dissertations to a publishable level. More importantly, I have the expertise and experience to help you turn your dissertations into publishable book chapters and journal articles, which will contribute to your professional development in your field. Once you complete your dissertation, your journey as a scholar has just begun. No scholars can escape the “publish or perish” syndrome, which has permeated academia. You will want to follow your doctoral work with publications of your research whether you are working as a practitioner in your field or joining the academic world. You won’t want your years of hard work to end up being unread.
I am here for you. If I don’t have the expertise you need, I can refer you to my colleagues, an excellent team of international editorial board members with doctoral degrees mostly from Tier I universities world wide.


Maximizing Your Publication’s Potential: A How-To Guide by Dr. Victor C.X. Wang



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