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Program Development and Assessment Methodologies in K-20 Education

CPAE-Spring 2017 Publications by Dr. Wang and Colleagues


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Wang_Brochure_Pre-Metadata Work In 2015 and Spring 2016

Maximizing Your Publication’s Potential: A How-To Guide by Dr. Victor C.X. Wang

Just want to share with our leaders, colleagues and my current scholars that this premier academic publisher of research, IGI Global,  chose to write a report about my two most recent awards from Florida Atlantic University under the leadership of two world leading scholars, Dean Valerie Bristor and Provost Gary Perry. Like Distinguished Professor (former Harvard and Columbia University Professor), Stephen Brookfield, Provost Perry secured his PHD from a world leading university in UK and is a world leading scientist in Biochemistry.

Special thanks should go to FAU libraries. Like University of IL, FAU libraries have purchased and cataloged over 20 of my 40 some books I published with my colleagues. More importantly, I must thank other world leading scholars, including university provosts and deans and other colleagues who have contributed leading edge chapters or articles to my books or the journal I edit with Columbia University Professor, Lyle Yorks and a world leading theorist and statistician, Patricia Cranton. Some of these colleagues have “reviewed” numerous chapters and articles via the blind review process to comply with this premier publisher’s editorial guidelines. I want to tell my colleagues that these books and articles can be found from numerous university libraries and national libraries in different countries.

Iam humbled by this report, but I wish to thank the publisher, ourFAU transformational/charismatic Leaders includingFAU library Deans and other world leading scholars/reviewers and colleagues. Without their empirical/theoretical research, these books and articles would not be a reality for other researchers or students from around the globe. For the two awards on research and teaching, I must thank our Dean,Bristor and my graduate (scholars) students who selected me without my knowing it! I missed the two ceremonies. I should have told them at the ceremonies about our harmonious “helping relationship” I have had with my scholars for the past 25 years at university settings in China and in the United States. These scholars and our leaders’ transformational leadership inspire my research and teaching.

Dear Colleagues,
I am sending you the attached Book flyers 101 to draw your attention to the cutting edge research by our colleagues in Adult Education. The attached 4 volumes contain 130 chapters, covering a wide range of topics in Adult Learning and Workforce Education. The 5th volume (Scholarly Publishing and Research Methods) containing 24 chapters including a chapter by Dr. Sharan Merriam will be released in a few months. Please do not be shocked by the prices of these books; they are intended to be purchased by university libraries, not individual users. I simply want to showcase these chapters by some of the Inductees of the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame, such as Drs. Patricia Cranton, Stephen Brookfield, John A. Henschke, and many other outstanding scholars such as Catherine Hansman, Laura Bierema, and Tonette S. Rocco as well as Harvard graduates, Pat Maslin-Ostrowski, and Ellie Drago-Severson. One important feature is that all of these volumes are refereed books.
I look forward to your recommending these titles to your university libraries to honor not only all other researchers who contributed to these volumes, but also these leading adult educators.

Newsroom post featuring Dr. Wang’s presentation at the SoTL Commons Conference:

New Book 101: K-20 Book flyer

New Book 102: Please click on New Book to find out more about our authors in the field.


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