Special News Program on CCTV-America

Distinguished Faculty & Scholarly Achievement Award Ceremony


IGI Global editor and author Dr. Viktor Wang will be featured in a live, 5 minute, one-on-one interview on Friday, August 7th at 8:30pm ET on CCTV-America. Featured on the international news program “Global Business America”, this discussion will focus on the global resurgence of vocational education for the educational series “Head of the Class”.

Dr. Wang will address the following points:

  • What types of jobs vocational training prepares students for
  • Certain industries who benefit more than others
  • New industries being introduced
  • Ratio of men to women enrolling in vocational training, as well as ages
  • Role of vocational training globally, countries/parts of the world

CCTV is the world’s largest television broadcaster. Programs reach more than 85 million viewers in over 120 countries and regions; often reaching up to one billion Chinese viewers via Mandarin channels. IGI Global will feature the recorded presentation at a later date. We are proud of our network of esteemed educators and leading scholars in the field. Congratulations, Dr. Wang, on this fantastic opportunity!

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View Dr. Wang’s publications here: http://www.igi-global.com/affiliate/victor-cx-wang/281242.


This video about Dalian, China was narrated in 1995 for national and international leaders. I encourage you to watch this video before considering signing up for that study abroad program here at the university. I will post more videos for you later.

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